Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dentist Overland Park , Teeth Whitening , cost and How can I whiten my teeth?

In our Overland Park Albert Dental office we do In-Office Whitening and Take home Whitening .

The major benefit of  In office Whitening is that we can significantly improve tooth color  in a short period of time, In one dental visit. We use the best 5 star rated in office whitening products that works really well.
Generally it is 3 cession for 20 minutes each, so whitening remains on teeth for 20 minutes.
First, Dentist or well trained dental assistant  apply gingival protective barrier on gums and  whitening gel on teeth . After one hour patient teeth looks very bright.
  If patient has one dark tooth due to trauma we can whiten only one tooth
In office whitening good for busy people ( Doctors, Lowers).
 In-office teeth whitening cost: up to $800 per visit and on average $ 600 nationwide.
Only in March 2011 In office whitening $ 300.
 Take-Home Whitening
Dr. Albert Natanov recommend Take Home Whitening to our patients. Take home  whitening can produce the same results as In Office whitening if you have more time.
First we take dental impressions of patient teeth and fabricate custom Whitening tray for top teeth and lower teeth
Dr. Natanov will give  patients a lower concentration whitening gel that remains on the teeth from 1 hour to 8 hours  per cession.  Dentist will explain how to use tray, and it is very simple.
Take-home teeth whitening cost on national average : $300 to $400.
Albert Dental  take Home Whitening cost only $ 199
If you have any questions and would like to talk to a dental professional please call (913) 948-9488


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